Do you ever find yourself saying "I have nothing to wear" ?

Is your closet so full of clothes it's overwhelming and you don't know your own inventory? Do you still have tags hanging from garments? Are you hanging onto your "skinny jeans" for motivation? Feel like you’re wearing the same outfits over and over? Do you hate shopping or need help packing for a vacation? Worry no more, MFH.Styles is here to help!

MFH.Styles services offer a one-on-one closet clean out consultation to put together outfits from your existing clothes, create a look book and help decide what should be donated and what can be recycled or consigned for you. If we feel your wardrobe needs some new key pieces, we can come up with a budget & MFH.Styles will do the shopping for you making every penny count. If you’re feeling stuck in your closet contact MFH.Styles today to get started on a new you & feeling confident in your closet again!

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Love for Fashion & Flair with organization.


MFH.Styles makes an impact on peoples lives through a streamline approach of wardrobe editing, organization & styling.

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Helping people who are too busy, too overwhalmed, too tired, or too stressed to deal with both the pysical & mental clutter in their lives.....


Is your bling cluttered?

Jewelry organization is available


REVAMP: Lets explore your current wardrobe and mix & match

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Do you have a closet full of clothes but sick of the same look? MFH.Styles will come refresh your style & create new outfits from your existing clothes. Let's discover together! 2hr minimum from - $150


When was the last time you emptied out your closet? Let's start fresh! The process includes MFH.Styles going through your entire collection piece by piece and reviewing your wardrobe with you. The real fun comes in finding items that you completely forgot or felt couldn’t be worn again; with MFH.Styles we’ll reinvent these pieces to create trendy new looks.

What can’t be reused will be donated; MFH.Styles will handle this process seamlessly and don’t forget the great tax deductions. What can be recycled will be consigned by MFH.Styles for a small percentage. Start your consultation now to discover 20-30 looks for your look book and lean how to pair the proper shoe & accessory for each look, identify missing pieces, & if you hate to shop, MFH.Styles can shop for you! Re-organize your closet with everything on elegant hangers by color, season & style. Ready for your closet to have a makeover? Don't start without me, we are in this together! 4 hr. minimum starting at $300


Shop smart and let MFH.Styles be your personal shopper for Ladies or Gentleman, this service delivers right to your doorstep or changing room. Whether you’re in need of wardrobe essentials, an update to your style for the new season, help finding a special occasion out, creating professional work looks, unique vacation styles, or you’re just on the hunt for a one-of-a-kind piece, let MFH.Styles do it for you! After meeting with you, we will create a personalized shopping list based on your lifestyle, age, body type and budget. From $75/hr.

Often times the pressure of planning an outfit prevents people from enjoying or even attending events. Don't let this be you, let MFH.Styles help you feel confident from the inside out! You deserve it.

xo, MFH

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it’s not easy to get rid of clothes but think of it as making more room for pieces that fit you better, feel amazing and are more consistent with your personal style goals.